Sunday School Room
   November 2018   
Worship Time

All are Welcome!


Worship at 10:30 am!

Coffee served during Worship.






Food for Thought

The Grace of our Lord,

Jesus Christ,

be with you All!

2nd Thessalonians 3:18


By the Peace that has brought you here, Welcome!  You will find here a diverse, safe, and welcoming place where we seek to live as people of God's Word. We are faithful to God, grateful for the grace we have received in Jesus Christ, and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire us, challenge us, and lead us in new ways of service and discipleship. 

An Inspirational Poem by Laszlo Angyal

Our Church

This Church that I love to attend, is such a spiritual place, I never feel the need to have to pretend. To always have such a place to worship as this is a magnificent blessed pleasure to my soul, I can't resist.

   In Our Church

The welcome wagon never leaves, It's always there to pick you up or take you where God wants you to be.

In Our Church

Every Time I walk through these doors, I feel the great presence of Jesus, in all my pores. I love the seat in the pew where I usually sit, But in our church any spot is a perfect fit.

In Our Church

My heart gets filled with such a joy, I can easily compare it to a child receiving a new toy.

In Our Church

My Spirit and belief in God is always lifted, I believe we all here are truly gifted.

In Our Church

We love to play music, and sing songs in praise of the Lord. I only wish I had more talent to sing. I always seem to miss a chord.

In Our Church

We fill food baskets above the crest, we do this to help many families and communities, such as McRest.

We support blood drives to help people survive, We do this with a loving humbleness and sense of great pride.

Because of services such as these and others, our church is an awesome compliment to all our sisters and brothers.

It’s never a burden, or bind. We love to be persistent, to help and better our fellow mankind.

In Our Church

We commit to helping others in need, We do these things with a smile and never for or with any greed.

If we did these things for our own glory or fame, It would seem to me that in the eyes of the Lord, would be quite shameful and lame.

In Our Church

I look so forward to being here, the congregation is so level headed, I never feel the evil of the Devil here embedded.

I feel blessed to my core, to always have this beautiful Sanctuary , which I will forever behold and adore.

I feel the faith here so true and strong, I pray to God just to belong to Our Church.

Contact Information  
New Life Presbyterian Church
11300 19 Mile Rd.
Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314
Phone (586)731-6133
Regular Schedule  
Office Hours
    9:00 am to 3:00 pm



Coming Up:

Sat., Nov. 17

10:00 AM 
Food Baskets
Assembly and Delivery


Sun., Nov. 18

Consecration Sunday

11:45 AM
Annual Congregational Meeting

12:00 PM
Consecration Sunday Potluck Luncheon


Mon., Nov. 19

9:00 AM
Honey Doers

10:30 AM
Study Group

7:00 PM
Session Meeting

8:00 PM


Tues., Nov. 20

7:00 PM
Deacon Meeting

8:00 PM
AA, Alanon, Alateen


Wed., Nov. 21

7:00 PM
Thanksgiving Eve Service


Thurs., Nov. 22

Happy Thanksgiving

Church Ofice Closed


Fri., Nov. 23

Church Ofice Closed


Mon., Nov. 26

9:00 AM
Honey Doers

10:30 AM
Study Group

8:00 PM


Tues., Nov. 27

8:00 PM
AA, Alanon, Alateen


Wed., Nov. 28

6:45 PM
Tone Chimes Practice


Thurs., Nov. 29

11:00 AM
Prayer/Study Group


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